Hamburgini FAQ

When do Hamburgini’s working hours start?

You can see the working hours of all our branches through Hamburgini App.

Can I find you through online ordering applications?

Yes, you may order Hamburgini via Jahez, HungerStation, CareemNOW, ToYou, and Wssel. 

What are the sources of the meat and chicken served at Hamburgini?

We source our meat from the Netherlands and our chicken from Brazil. Our meat and chicken are kept frozen with no added preservatives.

Does Hamburgini offer delivery?

Yes, we do. You can see all branches that offer delivery through Hamburgini App. 

Does Hamburgini offer pickup orders?

Yes, we do, you can place an order through Hamburgini app, and then you go to the branch to collect it. Through the app, you'll be able to see the different order stages and know exactly when the order is ready for you to collect. 

Is Hamburgini planning on expanding?

Yes, we have big plans for Hamburgini, both locally and internationally. 

How can I redeem my coupon at Hamburgini?

There are two ways for coupon redemption:

1. When you visit the branch, you can redeem your coupon by providing the cashier with your coupon code at checkout.

2. Using Hamburgini App after placing your order and at checkout, apply your discount code.